LPG Ancillary Equipment

Pump Controller

A standard range of Pump Controllers is available to ensure your Ebsray submersible pumpset performs within the specified duty parameters. Protection is afforded with the "Three-Tier' Protection System which monitors temperature, pressure and motor current. Optional models are available for total "LPG Systems" control.

Programmed PLC

The heart of the pump controller - replacement PLCs are available should the need arise.

Differential Pressure Switch

Monitors the system differential pressure to ensure adequte (lubrication/cooling) flow through the Pump/Motor internals.

PPV™ Valve

The PPV™ Valve with its low opeing/closing pressure allows equalisation of liquid level in the pump housing when the pumpset is not operating. It also prevents rapid dropping of the liquid level in the pump housing during start up, thus enabling maximum utilisation of the tank's storage capacity.

Electrical Fitting Kits

To assist with the correct installation of Ebsray submersible pumpsets in Class 1 Zone 1 Hazardous Areas, Electrical Fitting Kits are available comprising all electrical fittings necessary for this part of the installation.

Tube Fitting Kits

Various kits are available to adapt conduits between the pumpset and turret.