RV Series


Constructional Features
90° porting arrangement
NPT screwed and ANSI Flanged
Adjustable pressure setting within spring range
Low pressure rise
CBS / VRS / NRV options to suit application

Materials of Construction
Casing - Ductile Iron & Steel
Elastomers - Viton
Special materials to specification

Range of performance
Flows to 600 L/min
Differential Pressures to 1,400 kPa

RV18 Model - Option Lineup
RV18 CBS2 - DN25
RV18 CBS3 - DN25

RV18 VRS10 - DN25
RV18 VRS14 - DN25
RV18 VRS19 - DN25
RV18 NRV - DN25

RV19 Model - Option Lineup
RV19 CBS - DN40
RV19 VRS06 - DN40

Standard variants and options are available to suit special applications and specifications.