Filters / Strainers

Model F9 'group'

Fields of Application

A range of extremely low pressure drop in-line Suction Strainers for use in a wide variety of industrial applications in the petroleum industry. For pump protection in road/rail tanker unloading/loading of petrol, distillate, heating oil, bitumen and fuel oil.

Constructional Features

  • Fabricated steel for safety
  • Simplicity of design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flanged connections
  • Drain connection fitted

Materials of Construction
Casing - Steel, Stainless Steel 
Element - Aluminum 
Special materials to specification.

Range of performance
Flows to 5,400 L/min (1,425 gpm)
Temperatures to 350°C

Model Lineup
F9 - DN50 (2") through DN150 (6") combination porting

Standard variants and options are available to suit special applications and specifications.