Bitumen Spraying Equipment


Fields of Application
Ebsray manufactures a range of engineered bitumen Spraybars for all grades of bitumen, cutback, emulsion etc. which feature internal product recirculation operation for truck or trailer mounting in the toughest road spraying environments. Spraybars are used in conjunction with Ebsray's range of purpose built heavy duty bitumen pumps - either internally tank mounted or external on tanker.

Constructional Features

  • Recirculation system for liquid temperature maintenance eliminates tap blockages
  • Environmental requirements met by eliminating the need to 'dump' product during cleaning operations - no blowing required
  • Cleaning procedures greatly simplified. Modular construction to suit a variety of configurations, bar lengths, capacities, etc.
  • Zero leak precision taps incorporating spindle O-Rings for positive sealing, eliminating tap lock-up and allowing low torque actuation
  • Accurate spraybar alignment with machined flanges and extension connections
  • Custom designed (if required) to suit unique installations and applications

Range of performance
Flows to 1500 L/min (396 gpm)
Lengths to 8m (78 tap)

Model Lineup
Configured to suit application from a modular build

Standard variants and options are available to suit special applications and specifications.