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For more than 30 years,

em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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Customer specific flow measurement boards Evaluation electronic for medical sensor systems and integrated flow measurement to measure flow and detect bubbles

SonoTT™ SkyLark Series


With the SonoTT™ SkyLark Series, em-tec MEDICAL presents a new range of flow measurement boards designed for the integration into life-sustaining, liquid-bearing medical devices such as HLM, ECMOs, or organ transport systems.

MDR ready: The integrable evaluation electronics incorporate advanced features and an extended error log, enabling a safer and more user-friendly integration of the increasing requirements within medical technology.

2-in-1-function: The newest SonoTT™ SkyLark gold variant additionally incorporates a bubble detection feature through a CAN Interface. This, and its high level of customization based on customer requirements, provide more convenience and safety throughout the entire running processes.

Customization: To ensure a proper and seamless function, the SonoTT™ SkyLark is combined and configured with a customer-specific em-tec sensor such as the SonoTT™ Clamp On SL.

Please note: The SonoTT™ SkyLark is for integration into a medical device and thus not an independent medical device. Not all products are available and approved in every country. Please contact your local distributor, if you have any questions.


Customer-specific sensors and boards for the integration into existing extracorporeal systems such as:

  • Heart-lung machines
  • ECMO
  • Systems for organ transportation
  • Blood pumps
  • Dialysis devices

Also applicable in mobile medical devices.

Bubble Detection

Explore the NEW SonoTT™ SkyLark gold. Highly Integrable. Flow & Bubble Verified.

  • 2-in-1: Flow measurement & bubble detection with advanced troubleshooting information SkyLark gold Icon_verified
  • MDR ready: Easy and safe implementation
  • Customization: Full customization and integration support from initial request until serial production

Bubble Detection Feature at a Glance

  • Detection function based on acoustic coupling (RSS)
  • Bubble size up from three millimeters*
  • Short reaction time (CAN in 0,003 seconds)

*Please note that a customer-specific bubble detection configuration must be preceded by an evaluation of the specific requirements and a test of the entire system.

SkyLark Gold Bubble Detection Graphic

Benefit from em-tec’s Experience & Versatility

  • Expert in non-invasive flow measurement solutions in medical applications for over 30 years
  • Trusted and long-term partner for many well-known players in the medical market
  • ISO 13485 certified quality management system
  • Legal manufacturer and distributor of own medical product lines and components

Get in touch:
 +49 172 4768973

Key Facts

  • Series of fully integrable flow measurement boards
  • 2-in-1 function - exclusively for SonoTT™ SkyLark gold:
    • Flow measurement & bubble detection
  • MDR ready:
    • Easier risk analysis through optimized function overview
    • Full documentation for regulatory support – for easy integration
  • Customization:
    • Full customization and integration support from initial request to serial production
  • Compatible with the full range of em-tec sensors for common medical tubing sizes
  • Ideal for integration as OEM board with Class C software according to IEC 62304 by extended error log with numerous self-checks
  • Suitable for class III medical devices
  • Optional:
    • Implementation of several flow channels by using several boards

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