Heavy-Duty Design for the Toughest Process Applications

Regardless of the industry or application, most operators have one thing in common: the need for a reliable pump that excels in the most extreme conditions while eliminating downtime and reducing maintenance. Blackmer® developed a comprehensive solution for this need with the innovative System One® Centrifugal Pump.

System One pumps are constructed with a heavy-duty, solid, low-deflection shaft that prevents common issues in critical applications, such as vibration damage. This construction, paired with a focus on seal and bearing design, helps eliminate issues where centrifugal pump failures occur. In addition, stainless-steel component materials allow these pumps to handle a wide range of liquids, including corrosive fluids.

The bottom line is that the combination of time-proven operational features and heavy-duty construction means that Blackmer System One pumps will deliver increased reliability, efficiency, performance, uptime, seal life, bearing life, shaft life and safety, with decreased and simplified maintenance.


  • High-strength, low-maintenance line of innovative process pumps
  • Designed specifically for the toughest, most extreme environments
  • Maximum BHP: 200 HP (149 kW)
  • Seal and bearing design that eliminates up to 90% of common pump failures
  • Maximizes system reliability stronger, more vibration-resistant pump
  • Heavy-duty, solid, low deflection shaft prevents common vibration damage and greater stability at the seal area to improve seal life
  • Heavy-duty bearings offer greater load capacity and extend bearing life
  • System One Labyrinth Seals provide non-wearing lifetime protection for radial and thrust bearings
  • Offers the widest window of operation off the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of any conventional centrifugal pump
  • Unmatched performance warranty on power end components and mechanical seal (see Performance Assurance information below)
Blackmer System One® Performance Assurance

Five Year Power End Performance Assurance — Should any System One® power end component fail within 5 years of the original installation, including bearings or shafts that have fractured, a free replacement component will be provided. This offer is limited to a claim for one of each component per power end.*

One Year Mechanical Seal Performance Assurance — Should any factory supplied and installed mechanical seal fail within one year after the sale of the pump and seal, a spare parts kit (with materials the same as the original seal) will be provided at no charge. Program includes power end conversions that were purchased with Blackmer System One® back cover conversions. Limit of one seal claim per application.*

* See current Blackmer System One® Warranty, Form 001-002, for full product warranty details including exclusions and limitations of liability.