Global Experts in Smart Energy Flow Solutions

Experts in Smart Energy Flow Solutions

At Blackmer, our mission is to enable pump users to gain a competitive business advantage through the deployment of energy-saving positive displacement sliding vane pump technology.

To accomplish this global mission, Blackmer is providing engineering consultants, OEMs, distributors and end-users with helpful tools and knowledge of the energy-saving value and performance-enhancing advantages of positive displacement sliding vane pumps for manufacturing operations.

With worldwide industrial energy consumption expected to increase by 42% over the next 24 years, Blackmer has responded by introducing its Smart Energy™ Flow Solutions initiative to help companies:

  • Control energy expenses by reducing power consumption without compromising output performance
  • Increase operational reliability by emphasizing the use of energy-efficient technologies that support enhanced mechanical efficiency
  • Reducing vulnerability to energy price volatility
  • Driving productivity improvements that increase financial performance
U.S. Energy Information/Administration / International Energy Outlook 2010

U.S. Energy Information Administration / International Energy Outlook 2010

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