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In 2021, Blackmer announced an ambitious construction and renovation plan for its existing facility and launching a new chapter in the Blackmer 118-year history!

With the demolition of our Grand Rapids facility’s 48,000-square-foot foundry we officially kicked off the first phase of an ambitious construction and renovation project.

There are two official phases of the project:

  • Phase 1 consists of the most intensive demolition and construction stages.
    • Phase 1 kicked off with a Pre-Construction stage that commenced in March 2021, with full occupancy of all newly constructed areas of the plant expected in December 2022.
    • Included in this phase will be the construction of a new south parking lot, a doubling of the plant’s R&D footprint and construction of new break and locker rooms.
    • Once new construction is concluded, renovation of the existing building will begin.
    • Phase 1 was completed in December 2022.
  • Phase 2 will see a remodeling of the plant’s existing building and training center.
    • Phase 2 is underway and is scheduled to conclude in June 2023.

When fully completed in June 2023, the project will result in the creation of 56,000 square feet of new office, R&D, training, and manufacturing space that will help grow the Blackmer operation and create more than 50 new jobs for the Grand Rapids community.

Please note that while construction activity takes place, there will not be any disruption of our internal operations, ensuring that our partners and their customers will not be affected.

To learn more about our new renovation project, please review our:

Construction Project FAQ Flyer Press Release

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Environmental Impact

Blackmer and all of the PSG companies consider satisfying Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) tenets critical if they want to be viewed as good corporate citizens. The renovated facility will feature the most up-to-date lighting, heating, air conditioning, and manufacturing systems, making it much more energy efficient. Additionally, the parking lots will feature E-chargers for electric cars. These improvements will help Blackmer meet local green-space requirements and become an even more environmentally friendly company.