Wilden Diaphragms - The Right Solution for every application

You own the premier AODD pump. Keep it operating at peak performance with diaphragms from Wilden. Genuine Wilden - Accept Nothing Less.

Wilden diaphragms are engineered to optimize the performance of Wilden AODD pumps. With the largest selection of AODD diaphragms in the world – 300% more than competitors – Wilden ensures that your unique application is fully met with the best possible diaphragm, ranging from aggressive fluids to petroleums/oils to seawater. Wilden’s legendary quality ensures superior construction and is engineered for long flex life and superior durability. And with a distribution network of over 300 distributors around the world, you are sure to get the service, support and replacement parts you need to keep your operation running at peak performance.

Key features of genuine Wilden diaphragms

Largest Selection

  • Wilden has the largest selection of AODD diaphragms in the world —300% more than competitors.
  • With a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials - including rubber, thermoplastic, PTFE and Wilden-developed Ultra-Flex™ - Wilden has a diaphragm solution for any application.

Diaphragms For Every Industry And Application

  • Energy – Petroleum/oil-based fluids such as leaded gasoline, fuel oils, biofuel, hydraulic oils, kerosene, turpentine and motor oils
  • Chemical/Process –Aggressive fluids such as aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons; highly aggressive acids; caustics; ketones; and acetates. Paints and coatings.
  • Transport – Dry/wet bulk
  • Hygienic & Sanitary – Food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceuticals
  • Water/Wastewater – Water-based slurries, well water, wastewater and seawater
  • Military and Marine – Fuel, water/wastewater, dry/wet bulk

Legendary Quality

  • Utilizing superior materials and construction and manufactured in Six Sigma factories, Wilden diaphragms optimize the performance of Wilden AODD pumps
  • Wilden diaphragms are engineered for long flex life and superior durability
  • Extensive material quality performance tests 

Better Fit

  • Genuine Wilden diaphragms are engineered to fit Wilden Pumps
  • Easier installation
  • CAUTION! Poor fit of imitation diaphragms risks fluid containment/safety and air-loss/efficiency issues

Meet Wilden Warranty Requirements

CAUTION! Don’t void your pump warranty by cutting costs with an inferior imitation diaphragm

Download the EZ-Install Flyer

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Download the Full-Stroke PTFE Flyer

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Only genuine Wilden diaphragms are marked WILDEN.

Always insist on the best!

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Wilden Diaphragm stamp, AODD pumps, AODD diaphragms, air operated double diaphragm

Wilden Diaphragm Cross Reference Grid

Wilden Diaphragm Cross Reference Grid, AODD pumps, AODD diaphragms, air operated double diaphragm, Wilden diaphragm

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