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The Pro-Flo® SHIFT iPad App

The Pro-Flo® SHIFT app is a highly interactive app that can be downloaded to your iPad. It is a very powerful training tool that allows you to access all SHIFT marketing materials at your fingertips, even while traveling. To download, just follow these four steps.

Pro-Flo Shift iPad AppStep 1: DOWNLOAD APP (from your iPad device)
Using your iPad device, go to the App Store and download/install the free Adobe® Content Viewer. You can search by name, or use this web address:

Step 2: CREATE ADOBE CONTENT VIEWER ACCOUNT (from a computer, not from an iPad)
This step must be done from a laptop or desktop computer. Go to the Acrobat website (http://acrobat.com/CreateAccount.html) and create an account. Your email address is your username and you will create your own password. Upon completion, Adobe will send you an automatic confirmation email asking you to verify your email address.

Step 3: APPLY FOR APP DOWNLOAD (from any email device: iPad, Computer or Mobile Phone)
Using any device, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your new Adobe username (your email address). After you have been authorized to download the app, you will receive a confirmation from Adobe with several links. Do not use these links. They will not allow you to download the App from this confirmation. Proceed to step 4.

Step 4: LAUNCH APP AND DOWNLOAD (from your iPad, Wi-Fi connection is required)
From your iPad, launch the Adobe® Content Viewer app and tap the Sign In button at the top-left corner. Enter your Adobe ID (username/email and the password you selected). You will now be able to see the Pro-Flo SHIFT app, and you may begin installation by tapping Download. It may take several minutes to download. Once the download is complete, tap the View button to explore your new interactive app.

Future Updates: Future updates will be available. When accessing the Pro-Flo® SHIFT app, you will be prompted to download the updated version. When you see this, select “yes” to download the newest version. Once download is complete, tap the view button to explore the updated interactive app. Wi-Fi connection is required when updating.